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Almost no group was able to maintain grandfathered status of their health plan over the past few years. However, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee extended “grandmothered” status to small group plans with 50 employees or less.

This year, you will no longer be able to keep your grandmothered plan. Most small groups in Tennessee will need to change to an ACA plan when their renewal date comes up in 2017.

Will your overall costs go up? That depends on what type of health plan you change to. You will need some creative thinking to help keep premiums from going up considerably, especially for older employees and those with family coverage.

At Dixon Advisory Group, if you give us a chance to analyze your small group health coverage in Tennessee, we might be able to open your eyes to some options and plan designs that you would not otherwise consider. We have been helping small businesses in Tennessee navigate the often confusing landscape of small business health insurance coverage.

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