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Educational Seminars

Are you in need of booking a speaker for your church group, civic group, club, etc.

Dixon Advisory Group - Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Annuities, Disability, Brentwood, Tennessee

We offer educational seminars on “Understanding your Medicare Options,” and “How to Maximize your Social Security.”

These seminars are for educational purposes only. No specific products or companies are discussed and nothing is offered for sale. We do not charge a fee for seminar attendees.

Understanding your Medicare Options

When we turn 65, most of us sign up for Medicare, and some of us might choose to stay on an employer plan. Before you make these important decisions, it’s best to have an understanding of your options. There’s a lot to consider, and some choices have lasting impact. Our one hour seminar will help you become familiar with what you can expect when enrolling in Medicare. Or if you’ve already enrolled, what are your options as well.

How to Maximize your Social Security

There are over 576 ways to claim Social Security. In 2016, Social Security rules changed radically.
Americans have left literally billions on the table. These are benefits you have earned and are eligible to take. We believe that everyone has a right to collect the maximum Social Security benefit that they are legally entitled to.

Call us at (615) 376-8899 for more information and to schedule a seminar.

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